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Strap line for East Bergholt Neighbourhood Plan


Thank you for all those that responded to the drop-in and online consultation. We will be using the results and other data to start drafting a set of policies for the new Neighbourhood Plan. Watch this space.

The PC responded to the views of the village expressed in the Neighbourhood Plan expressing safety concerns about the traffic in the village. We employed a consultancy to examine the evidence and make proposals. Their suggestions have now been published in a report which you will here: Traffic/PJA Road Traffic Strategy Study (1Q2023)/PJA East Bergholt Traffic Management Strategy Rev B December 2022 -compressed.pdf?q=638211395461920660

These are just the results of the consultants proposals and the PC now wants to know your views about them. Which areas do you think are the key priorities? What other areas do you think should have been included? Which order of priority would you put these proposals in?

You will find the results of a survey of village views here:

PJA EB Traffic and Transport Questionnaire Results.pdf (

If you’d like to comment on the proposals please return the form here EB Traffic Workshop 24-May-2023 - Prioritising the Options Form.docx ( to ….. or to Parish Council at Unit 4CD, The Gattinetts, Hadleigh Road, CO7 6QT

East Bergholt Neighbourhood Plan

In April, we told you, the East Bergholt Neighbourhood Plan Committee had been reformed to update our Plan. We also informed you Babergh District Council was working with Mid-Suffolk District Council to produce a new Joint Local Plan. In planning terms, the most up-to-date Plan is given greater weight, making it important Babergh’s Plan reflects your views as expressed in our Neighbourhood Plan.
It is now time to make your views known.
The Joint Local Plan Draft is now for consultation. See:
Comments need to be submitted before the end of August.
The Neighbourhood Plan Committee will be reviewing this document and feeding back their comments. Help would be most welcome. Use the contact link on the left hand side of the page.
Since April, the Neighbourhood Plan Committee have been busy re-visiting the housing needs, design criteria and seeking grants to cover the cost of specialist services. The Neighbourhood Plan remains an important document; enabling the East Bergholt residents to influence future village developments.
We would really like you to become involved. Come along to one of the monthly meetings and have your say. You will be made most welcome.
The dates are published on the East Bergholt website
and Parish Council notice boards.

East Bergholt Neighbourhood Plan Committee

Neighbourhood Plan

The East Bergholt Neighbourhood Plan was accepted by the community on 8 September 2016. The result of the referendum was: Yes 1100 votes, No 61 votes. Turn out of 51%, the highest for a Neighbourhood Plan referendum at the time. Babergh District Council 'made' the plan on 20 September 2016.

You can find our Neighbourhood Plan and associated documents here.

Revising Our Plan

Recognising the rapidly changing environment, the Parish Council has voted to re-form the Neighbourhood Plan Committee, to review and update our plan.

Please watch this page for information and come along to the meetings to share your views.

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Neighbourhood Plan Committee Meetings

Why not come along and find out what is happening and have your say. Meetings commence at 7.15pm with refreshments and networking and to meet the chairs and group members. Proceedings start at 7.45pm.

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