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East Bergholt - Birthplace of John Constable

The Street - Constable

VILLAGE MATTERS (News & What's on)

Message from Suffolk Highways

For your awareness, we are planning to carry out footway improvement works along Gaston Street, East Bergholt.

The works are programmed to take place between 8am and 4pm from Monday 8 July until Friday 26 July. During this time, the road will be closed to ensure the safety of highway users and our operatives.

For the duration of the closure, traffic will be diverted via Hadleigh Road, B1070, Gaston Street and vice-versa.

If you have any queries on the above, please contact us on 0345 606 6171.

Suffolk Highways

Message from Suffolk County Council

"A large breach has occurred, and worsened, in a bank of the River Stour at East Bergholt Public Footpath 044, that is deemed a serious health and safety concern. As such, an Emergency Temporary Traffic Regulation Order will be put in place, temporarily closing the route. We appreciate that this will likely cause disruption, however, given the nature of the issue there is no suitable alternative.

Suffolk County Council are not the Riparian Owner and do not have Riparian Responsibility for the riverbank; but are talking to the relevant parties and attempting to expedite a solution. Unfortunately, there is currently no known timeframe."

You can find the Parish Council minutes with the recommendation to refuse the application DC/24/02093 from Hills for more intensive development for Phase 2 of the Heath Road site, together with the planning policies the application contravenes below:,%20Gaston%20Street,%20East%20Bergholt/ZDraft%20Minutes%2013.06.24.Parish%20Council%20Meeting.5.pdf?q=638543972638413801

Public Consultation

Drop in session to talk to the team and view prospective plans for Holly Farm, East End and the Use of Land for Special Education Needs
All Welcome.
25th June 2024
East Bergholt Church
The Street, East Bergholt
3pm – 8pm

Traffic Notice-

There are works scheduled during the first quarter of this calendar year on Heath Road between Putticks Lane and Woodgates Road. We have not been given an exact date for these works.

The Parish Council held a series of workshops to investigate new projects and initiatives for development of facilities in the village.
The projects were initially identified as priorities during the first Neighbourhood Plan and have been added to by the work undertaken during the revision of the plan.
The projects take in the impact of the growth of the village, and where we expect the demand to be increasing. It is expected that the investment programme will be funded from a combination of PC reserves, CIL monies and applications for grants from other organisations.
The results of the workshops are outlined in full in a paper presented to the PC and which can be found on our website.
The projects will undergo further feasibility studies with the results being brought back to the PC between now and Sept 2024.

The key points from this are:

- The projects arise from the consultation on our first NP and include the work to revise the NP.
- successful consultation on NP revisions on 3 Feb and associated survey indicates strong village support for these initiatives
- PC has scoped the projects and will report back to the PC with feasibility studies between now and Sept 2024
- Click below for the link to the full paper:

8.4 EBPC workshops feedback strategic investment plan 2024.pdf (

No Cold Calling Zones and No Cold Calling stickers

How to take action on unwanted cold callers at your door.

A No Cold Calling Zone (NCCZ) is a nominated area where residents have stated that they do not want traders to cold call at their homes without being invited. They are set up if they meet proportionality criteria that includes incidents of doorstep crime or distraction burglary, are a population more susceptible to doorstep crime, and are within a defined geographic area.

Residents in the nominated NCCZ area are consulted with and with their agreement a NCCZ is set up and an information pack, door sticker and street signage provided.

Trading Standards have set up zones in Suffolk, in partnership with residents, Councillors, Police colleagues and partners.

The zones have been designed to:

  • reduce doorstep crime and distraction burglaries
  • deter cold callers
  • educate residents and empower them not to engage with cold callers

There are currently nearly 200 zones throughout Suffolk, protecting approximately 10,000 homes. Further zones are always under development.

Over 20,000 further homes are individually protected by the supply of a No Cold Calling door sticker.

For further info:

No Cold Calling Zones and No Cold Calling stickers - Suffolk County Council


A copy of the draft order and plans showing the road affected, together with a copy of the Council’s reasons for this proposal, may be seen with advance notice at the address below, 9.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m. Monday – Friday and at Capel St Mary Library, Village Hall, The Street, Capel St Mary, IP9 2EF, Tuesday; 09:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and 2:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.; Wednesday - Thursday 09:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.; Friday 2:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.; Saturday 09:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and Sunday 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (excluding public holidays and bank holidays). Objections or any other representations related to the proposed waiting restrictions, specifying the grounds on which they are made, must reach Suffolk County Council Legal Services at the address below or at not later than11 October 2023. Please bear in mind that any such correspondence cannot be regarded as confidential and may be inspected by any interested party.

Suffolk County Council Highways - Reporting Problems

Two Parish Councillors recently visited the local Suffolk County Council Highways Service Delivery Centre. The Highways Officers advised our Councillors that the most effective way of reporting any Highways issues is via the County Council's online reporting tool. Any problem will then be picked up and allocated a reference number. The issue will be looked at by an appropriate member of the Highways Team, prioritised, the area will be inspected if considered necessary, and a solution to any required work will be allocated, if considered appropriate.

For further information on any of the above contact the East Bergholt Parish Clerk.

Your Elected Representatives

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