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Heartwatch East Bergholt




What are community first responders?

Community first responders are a group of people who ‘volunteer’ to respond to emergency calls on behalf of the East of England Ambulance Service, in the community where they either live or work.

Why do we need your help?

The answer is that it has been recognised that sudden cardiac arrest claims around 150,000 lives each year in the United Kingdom, with survival rates being around 5% outside of a hospital setting.

If a person’s heart has stopped due to an accident or heart attack and is in a rhythm called ventricular fibrillation, the only way to get the heart into a more regular sustaining beat is to pass an electrical charge through the heart muscle. The first eight minutes are the most vital for the collapsed person and if we can get someone who is trained in first aid and the use of a defibrillator to that patient, then their chances of survival will increase considerably.

Heartwatch Team (chosen Charity) with Pram Race 2017 Winners


How does it all work?

When a person calls 999, the responder is notified of the emergency by ambulance control via mobile phone or radio. As responders live or work in that area, they usually arrive before the ambulance and are able to treat the patient. Once the ambulance crew arrive, the responder is then able to return to their normal daily routine. Responders Save Lives! The few minutes they spend with the patient can be critical in ensuring their survival.

How will you be trained?

You will undergo a comprehensive training that covers basic life support, the use of a defibrillator and oxygen. Following your training course you meet up each month with your Community Responder Group to have on-going training. All training is delivered by the Ambulance Service, who also offer a debrief and support service after call-outs.

Who can become a Community First Responder?

Anyone can become a Community First Responder providing you are:

  • Reasonably physically fit
  • Agree to a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check
  • Have a full driving licence and use of a car
  • Have a caring nature
  • Agree to undertake training

If you feel you could become a community first responder in East Bergholt, or you require more information, please call Carol on 01206 298483/ 07747 808287 or by post to Carol Moss, 29 Notcutts, East Bergholt, CO7 6TS

We cover East Bergholt, Holton St Mary, Stratford St Mary and Brantham and further out if needed.

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