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POLICIES - May 2018


The Secretary, Chairman or a nominated member will undertake a risk assessment of any event the Society may be holding. This will consider the potential hazards of the venue involved. A report will be made to the Committee and any remedial action will be taken prior to or at the event itself. This will include checking fire exits and ensuring all local council and the property’s own rules are followed. All communications from the Society, other than administrative and advisory notices, must be signed off both by the writer and either the Chairman or Secretary. This is to ensure that the Society does not expose itself to potential legal action. If required by the Committee the Secretary or Treasurer will ensure that appropriate third party insurance is in place to indemnify any damage done to members, attendees or property at events held under the auspices of the Society.


The Society has minimal funds and no ongoing financial obligations. This situation is unlikely to change and so its funds are held in low interest bearing accounts with minimal downside risk. The Treasurer will obtain the Committee’s agreement before any change in this policy.


The Society is a village amenity society whose aims are “To protect and maintain high standards of planning and architecture in or affecting the Parish. To promote and maintain interest in the local environment, its history, both natural and built and in its geography. To promote and maintain its continued well-being by the preservation and protection of features of historic or public interest and the encouragement of sustainable and environmentally sound development “. Committee members are required to declare any conflict of interest to the above aims and potentially refrain from voting on any relevant decision requiring a vote by the Committee. This declaration covers members’ and close relatives’ own property and land, their businesses in the village and adjacent planning applications.

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