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18 Jan 2021

World wide Japan

has the lowest incidence of COVID-19

They avoid the 3 C's


The Parish Council is coordinating support and help during this difficult time. Please register as somebody who is able to offer help or if you would like somebody to help you.
When you register, please make sure you add your telephone number and address so we can contact you.

You can ask questions and share answers using the questions bulletin board, or contact the Parish Council coordinator directly.

Also see the telephone advice page

East Bergholt COVID-19 Community Support

Jo 01206 299844
Alison 01206 299776
Roy 01206 298366

Please look after yourself and follow Government advice.

posted 18/3/20

If you would like any information about the local and national situation re coronavirus support you can track these web pages:

for Easy Bergholt volunteer activity track:

for information from St Mary's Church, EB, track:

for information from Suffolk County Council track: This page will give you information in line with the government's advice but related to Suffolk

for the authentic information and defintiitons and what the government is telling us to do track: This webpage gives you access to a wide range of guidance relating to topics such as the definition of a 'vulnerable person' and what to think about if you have to stay at home.

Information via the internet is fast, but not always accurate. Stick to authoratative sources for reliable information.

Please also remember that not everyone is familiar with the internet. If you are and can provide information to others who cant, you could offer to mediate for them. Please be careful about passing on germs, a phone call might be the best way to pass on information.

These pages have been created by the Parish Council to help coordinate support given to people in the village. They will be used to publish daily reports.

Joan Miller (Chair of the Parish Council)

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